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Adding Data Science Know-How

These are some small-scale projects related to the field currently originating from MOOCs, and learning projects.

IT Archetypes Book

An insider's look at the mind of a software developer.

In an era defined by software, we actually know very little about the people who write all those lines of code that power it. This book aims to change that.




Reading Hacks: my reading more HOW-TO (local copy).

Reading Lists:

Guest Blog post (in Greek), worst books read on last three years: and [local copy](/worst_books_read).


Red Flags in Interviews (local copy).
Comic Strip Inspiration for IT (local copy).
A UK oriented CV writing guide (Medium). Notes on writing a CV mainly for UK, unfinished, under construction.
(Greek) Ας μιλήσουμε για ψευδείς ειδήσεις (local copy).
(Greek) Τι δεν θα μου λείψει από αυτούς που γράφουν άρθρα για το τι δεν θα τους λείψει από την Ελλάδα (local copy).
(Greek) Η άποψη μου για το τι συμβαίνει στην Ελλάδα τα τελευταία δέκα χρόνια (local copy).

UK IT business - the bad and the ugly

Discusing the negative aspects, because we all know the positive. Was initially thinking of a long essay, but decided to split it into smaller pieces. First one is titled "Problematic business relationships" and is about the orientation of UK's IT industry (local copy).

Second is the "Kiske field" about hiring and promotions (local copy).

Last one is "culture shocks" about differences in business culture and conclusions (local copy).

Decided to write again on the subject after some experiences: Why I will never work again for a "London" company.

Some more thoughts on the companies that decide out of nowhere to onboard a very big client account: Problematic business relationships part 2, the cult of the one big client (local copy, hacker news link).


A list of posts originally in medium:

Startups - Articles in Greek

A series of articles in Greek about startups, mainly IT related. Written in Greek because of limited content available in that language as well as having an emerging small startup scene at the timeof writing. Posting as guest of tnfy blog not only because I liked it and wanted to contribute there, but also because the layout changes, the images and other contributions of the owner elevate copy's quality to the next level. Blog now defunct, outbound links from web archive.



Feta Report:

A podcast in Greek about immigration and living abroad, more specific to United Kingdom.


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