Although I do not like “what I read on the web” posts, I really had to do this one for purposes of personal reference. As I dwell into the subject more, I aim update it. Aim of this post was to guide someone who already has an understanding of Javascript (me), to get deeper into the subject and understand the underlying mechanics.

Before getting to the keyboard

Firstly started with some videos:

hint: a good thing with blogging: I just found out that there is a follow-up: 11 More Things I Learned from the jQuery Source.

With the keyboard

Knowing that there are some Koans available, went straight to download from github: JavaScript Koans. After working with them I learned/discovered/remembered the following:

At the end of the journey the familiar “victory” message:


For many people a language that compiles to javascript is they way to go. Decided to try out coffescript to see by myself. Got converted. Result of this was the publication of CoffeScript cheat sheet at cheatography, which I maintain as I learn more.


This is the work done up to this update, this post at some poing will be enriched with investigation into unit testing frameworks, experiments and more exercises if good ones will be found. Also from top of my head interested to investigate: minification utilities, packaging.


Better JavaScript docs for a better Web on MDN